Pro-Life Holy Hour

Written on 01/11/2018
Fra Philomeno James Gilfoyle

At St.Mary's Gosport, we would ilke to introduce a new country-wide Pro-Life MARIAN Holy Hour in the biuld up to the application "on the streets" of the 1967 Abortion Act which took place on April 28th. This year sees the 50th Annivbersary of this babaric "so called law". The Hour of Prayer is between 7.00pm and 8.00pm every Thursday Evening. Why Thursday Evening. Because before going to Calvary, The Last Supper took place on the Evening before Passion Friday. We accompany Jesus as he goes forth to  Calvary. We respond to the request also Our Saviuor made to us at Gethsemane - "Can you not watch on ehour with me". We can respond acrss the whole Country in a Pro-Life Holy Hour to beg Jesus for an end to abortion and a return to the Culture of Life. We have in the UK, 9 million reasons to respond to this request. We urge you therefore to start up small teams of Parayer in this Hour in your Churches so we can bombard heaven together. If you are alone, why not tune in to and LISTEN LIVE each Thursday to the broadcast for LIFE in these desperate times for our Brothers and Sisters in the Womb. REMEMBER God will reward one hundredfold your genorosity.